SynECO "Fuel-Free"

  • 2500w-15,000W (15kw) POWER Output
  • High Torque - can climb steep hills and great accelleration
  • Magnetic Rotor - The ONLY Moving part
  • High Efficiency 80-95%
  • Three Phase and Six Phase Systems
  • Built into Wheel Hub
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • 48volt and 60, 72, 120 volt systems.




Magnetronic (tm)  System Controller                          

MagneTronic Drive (tm)

Two wheel rear electric drive using two

10kw MagneTronic Drives (TM) 

Small petrol car converted to hybrid eCar


 MagneTronic Drive with car Drum Brake    

 Two MagneTronic Drives fitted to Car